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Friday, June 9, 2023
Home Cricket 5 disputes between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir with opponents who devalued...

5 disputes between Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir with opponents who devalued the game of cricket


Kohli and Gambhir have not only had multiple on-field spats with one another, but also with other opponents.

Virat Kohli, the star batsman, and former southpaw Gautam Gambhir are both passionate cricketers and strong rivals. With their temperaments, the pair has undoubtedly raised the game to a new level. They, on the other hand, do not back down from a combat on the ground. Kohli and Gambhir have not only had multiple on-field spats with one other, but they have also had several on-field spats with other opponents. They have frequently gone overboard with their hostility, undermining the gentleman’s game.Let’s have a look at some nasty fights between Virat Kohli and his opponents.

Stay within limit

The event occurred during India’s 2014 trip to Australia. Kohli captained the team in the absence of MS Dhoni. When Steven Smith was on 18, Kohli appealed for a leg before on Rohit Sharma’s part-time off-spin. The umpire, though, denied the appeal. Following that, Smith said something to the bowler that didn’t sit well with Kohli, who was fielding at first slip. He quickly asked Smith to keep inside his limit. Even after the involvement of both umpires and Smith’s partner David Warner, the tension persisted for quite some time.

Rebel against Rubel

Virat Kohli got a century against Bangladesh in his debut World Cup appearance in 2011. During his innings, Kohli returned a ball to Rubel Hossain, who retrieved the ball in his follow-through and looked at Kohli. Kohli reacted with a load of expletives of his own choosing.

Friend turned foe

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir have played Ranji Trophy together for Delhi and formed a lot of excellent partnerships. They also shared the Indian dressing room. However, an ugly spat between both cricketers following an IPL 2013 match between the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) left a bad taste in the fans’ mouths. Following Kohli’s dismissal, both cricketers hurled abuse at each other. The incident occurred during the 10th over of the RCB innings, when Kohli was caught off Lakshmipathy Balaji for 35. Eventually, KKR all-rounder Rajat Bhatia stepped in and calmed them down.

Heated exchange with Johnson

Virat Kohli and Australian bowler Mitchell Johnson have a history of fiery clashes. Kohli was on fire during one of the Tests against Australia in 2024. Johnson was batting on 84 when he caught a defensive in his follow-through and sent the ball back at Kohli, which smacked him in the leg. Later, Kohli hit a streaking four through the slip cordon. As a result, the Australian paceman became agitated and muttered something to the batsman. Kohli reacted, and another exchange ensued. While Johnson returned to his fielding position, Kohli had not yet calmed down. He was even spotted arguing with the umpires.

Face-off with Australian fielders

The heinous event occurred in Kanpur, India, during an ODI match between India and Pakistan in 2007. After hitting Shahid Afridi for four, Gambhir raced a single on the following delivery, causing the two to collide. Both of them got into a heated argument after that. Gambhir was found guilty on the charges of improper and intentional physical contact and disrepute.

Altercation with Watson

The heinous event occurred at the Dambulla International Stadium in Sri Lanka during the 2020 Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. While batting, Gambhir completely missed a delivery from spinner Saeed Ajmal. Kamran Akmal went up quickly, claiming a catch behind. However, the umpire immediately turned it down. The appeal certainly did not amuse Gambhir. During the drinks break, he approached Akmal and confronted him about the appeal. Following that, there was an ugly spat. MS Dhoni and the on-field umpires stepped in to help them relax.

Shameful incident with Shardul

In a 2014 Ranji match between Delhi and Mumbai, bowler Shardul Thakur and Gambhir engaged in an enthralling fight. Thakur was the most effective bowler at the time. Delhi planned to assault 441 while pursuing him. Delhi, led by skipper Gambhir, succeeded in removing Shardul from the attack after a few boundaries. However, the sprinter returned and caught Gambhir for 34 points. Shardul then inappropriately hurled some verbal expletives at the fleeing batter. Angered by the comments, Gambhir lifted his bat and faced the bowler.

Tirade with Tiwari

Team India has discarded During a Ranji Trophy match between Delhi and Bengal at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in 2025, Gambhir and Manoj Tiwary got into an argument. They had an on-field dispute and nearly exchanged punches. The incident occurred when Tiwari batted without a helmet. When he noticed a pacer on the other end, he signalled to the dressing room to get him a helmet. The Delhi players believed it was a calculated time-wasting strategy. As a result, it resulted in the unpleasant spat between Gambhir and Tiwary. Umpire K Srinath attempted to calm the scene. However, Gambhir pushed the umpire away, resulting in a 50% reduction in his match fees.



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