Without the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, international cricket would not have progressed thus far, says Virat Kohli


In contrast to 2014, he has not noticed any particular pattern in his protracted form dip, but Virat Kohli’s success in international cricket over such a long period of time would not have been possible without his resilience in the face of adversity.

The former India captain feels that there isn’t much room for course correction despite the fact that he has gone nearly three years without scoring an international hundred across all formats.

The reason for this is that he isn’t experiencing any specific technical issues, such the one he did during the 2014 England tour when he was prodding deliveries on the off-stump channel.

“I am aware of the state of my game, and you cannot progress this far in your international career without the capacity to adapt to changing circumstances and types of bowling. Therefore, this period is simpler for me to process, but I don’t want to leave it behind “On the Star Sports programme “Game Plan,” Kohli stated.

He then explained how a pattern of dismissals on that tour was discovered, and how, after technical improvements, the 2018 tour saw nearly 600 runs scored.


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