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Saturday, April 1, 2023
Home Cricket The IPL will be the world's largest domestic sporting tournament, bar none:...

The IPL will be the world’s largest domestic sporting tournament, bar none: Andrew Strauss


Strauss also believes that the Women’s Premier League will have a significant impact on women’s cricket.

According to former England captain Andrew Strauss, the Indian Premier League could surpass American football’s NFL and outperform all other domestic sporting events worldwide by 2040. According to Strauss, the recent launch of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) tournament for women will significantly boost the development of women’s cricket.

The IPL, a very lucrative franchise T20 event backed by wealthy businesspeople and entertainment celebrities, has inspired similar tournaments such as Australia’s Big Bash and the Caribbean Premier League. As a result, players on the international T20 circuit earn a good living without having to represent their countries.

“As the Indian economy grows, it is expected that by the time it reaches parity with the size of the United States in 2040, the value of the IPL will be six times what it is today – this is going to be the biggest domestic sporting tournament in the world, bar none,” Strauss said at Lord’s.

“If you allow yourself to keep bound up in the thesis that the purpose of the game is to bring diverse people together, whether playing or watching and to allow cricket to educate and connect, then surely the rise of franchise cricket is one of the great steps forward. More players are playing in different parts of the world, experiencing new places and meeting new people; more and more people all over the world are engaged in the great game that we all love,” he added.



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