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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Home Cricket They can go to hell, ICC should kick them out": Pak Great on...

They can go to hell, ICC should kick them out”: Pak Great on India’s Asia Cup Decision


Pakistan legend Javed Miandad has urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to take strict action against India for their decision not to participate in the Asia Cup if it is held in Pakistan.

The Asia Cup controversy shows no sign of slowing down. Despite an Asian Cricket Council meeting, the fate of the continent’s tournament remains uncertain. While the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) refuses to allow its players to travel to Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is determined to host the tournament in their home country. As the controversy rages on, Pakistan legend Javed Miandad has made some harsh remarks about India, requesting that the International Cricket Council (ICC)’remove’ the team.

“Main kehta tha, nahi aate to bhaad mein jaayein, hamein koi fark nahi padta, hamein hamari cricket mil rahi hai. Ye ICC ka kaam hai, ye cheez agar ICC control nahi kar skti, to fir governing body ka koi kaam nahi hai. We’re going to get some cricket. It is the ICC’s responsibility to control such things; otherwise, there is no point in having a governing body) “he stated in a video

“The ICC should have a single rule for each country. If such teams do not arrive, regardless of how powerful they are, you should remove them “Miandad continued.

In his assessment, Miandad even believes that India is unwilling to come because they are afraid of the public’s extreme behaviour if they lose in Pakistan.

“Khelte kyun nahi hai, aa ke khelo. They should play, so why aren’t they? They are terrified of the consequences), “he stated.

When asked by a reporter if India is refusing to play in Pakistan because they are afraid of losing and having to return home, Miandad agreed.

“Wo isliye nahi khelte they kyunki harte hain to musibat ho jati hai hamare time pe bhi. ‘Nasty hai’, Wahan ka crowd. Wahan ke jo log hain, wo gharon ko aag laga dete hain, jab bhi India haarti hai, chaahe kisi se haare. They would not play because they were afraid of the consequences, even in our time. ‘Nasty’ is the word for the Indian crowd. Whenever India lost, no matter who, they would burn down houses. That’s what they’re scared of), “According to the former Pakistani batter.

In the end, Miandad believes the ICC should take strict action against teams such as India that refuse to participate in events. “ICC kehta hun ki wo strict action lein. The ICC’s rules and regulations must be followed. If your country is not behaving properly, you should take action. Aisi teamon ko bahar karo, khud ba khud line pe aa jayenge (I would like to request that the ICC take action. There should be a rule in place. If any country acts in this manner, there should be consequences. Such groups should be disbanded), he concluded.



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